Chinchilla Color Chart


  • Standard Gray
  • White / Mosaic
  • Beige / Tan
  • Black / Ebony
  • Sapphire / Violet
  • All Colors

chinchilla cartoon Standard Gray chinchillas have gray body fur and a white underside. Standard gray is thchinchilla fure chinchillas natural color pattern because the it acts as a camouflage in their native habitat. Since chinchillas are from the mountains, their gray color helps them blend in with their rocky environment. Each individual hair has a pattern of light and darcamoflouge chinchillak color, known as Agouti pigmentation. When looking closely at the fur (photo right) you will notice that hair is gray at the very tip and at throughout most of the shaft to the root. However, there is a light-colored band running through the hair. These two contrasting colors in chinchilla standingthe chinchillas coat gives their fur a sort of "cracked" appearance (photo left). Almost like a little cracked rock! The perfect camoflouge for a mountain-dwelling rodent. Although the fur on their stomach appears to be a much lighter cream color (photo right), the base of the hair is still dark. In fact, the only thing thats different on the stomach fur is that the white band extends all the way to the tip - so the very tip of the fur is light instead of dark.




chinchilla cartoon Wilson White chinchillas have white body fur with dark ears and dark eyes. They may also have a dark band around the base of the tail. The first white chinchilla on record was born in 1955 to Blythe Wilson of CA. Variations of the Wilson White recognized by the MCBA include "mosaics", "silvers", and "pink whites".


chinchilla cartoon Pink Whitechinchillas have an even mixture of beige and white hair over their whole body. Although they are technically classified as predominately white Wilson Whites, pink whites are actually a hybrid of white and beige chinchillas. Because they carry the beige gene, pink white chinchillas also have red eyes.


chinchilla cartoonWhite Mosaic



chinchilla cartoonSilver chinchillas are mostly white but have a gray tip on their fur, giving them a pale gray apchinchilla furpearance. Silvers also have dark guard hairs, which refers to the longest hair emerging from the center of each follicle. (Remember chinchillas can have up to 60 hairs per follicle). If you look at the close-up picture of the fur (image right) you can see that the fur is mostly white, but has gray tips, and is interspersed with long dark hairs





chinchilla cartoon Heterozygous 'Hetero' Beige chinchillas can have fur that ranges in color from sandy to light gray-ish. The term 'heterozygous' ('hetero' meaning 'different') refers to the gray and beige genes present in this types of chinchillas DNA ( B + G ). Although their fur is still beige, it's typically darker than the homo beiges. Hetero beiges also have a cream colored belly and ruby eyes.


chinchilla cartoon Homozygous 'Homo' Beige chinchillas are typically lighter than heterozygous beiges, but their colors can still range from champagne to light gray-ish. The term 'homozygous' ('homo' meaning 'the same') refers to the pair of beige genes in this type of chinchillas DNA ( B + B ). The pair of beige genes means that all of the fur will be beige. Homo beige chinchillas have a uniform color over their whole body and have ruby eyes.


chinchilla cartoon Tan


chinchilla cartoonBrown Velvet chinchillas have dark brown fur on their face and back, which gets lighter as it goes down around their ribs to meet their white underside. Their color patter is similar to the black velvet and other TOV (touch of velvet) chinchillas. Brown velvets, however, have dark ruby eyes.


chinchilla cartoon Black Velvet chinchillas have very dark black fur on their head and back with gets lighter as it goes around their ribs to meet their white underside. Most of the hair is very light colored at the base, but gets dark black at the shaft and tip. However, the tummy hair has the opposite color pattern - -it is dark at the base but gets white at the shaft and tip.


chinchilla cartoon Homozygous Ebony chinchillas have fur that is entirely black and extremely shiny. They do not have any white whatsoever in their coat.


chinchilla cartoonHeterozygous Ebony chinchillas have a fairly even mixture of different shades of gray over their whole body. If you look closely, each individual hair has a dark shaft and base, but a very light colored tip. This pigment pattern makes their fur appear different shades, depending on the angle.


chinchilla cartoon Sapphire


chinchilla cartoonViolet


chinchilla cartoon Standard Gray


chinchilla cartoon Wilson White


chinchilla cartoon Pink White


chinchilla cartoonWhite Mosaic


chinchilla cartoonSilver Mosaic


chinchilla cartoon Heterozygous Beige


chinchilla cartoon Homozygous Beige


chinchilla cartoon Tan


chinchilla cartoonBrown Velvet


chinchilla cartoon Black Velvet


chinchilla cartoon Homozygous Ebony


chinchilla cartoonHeterozygous Ebony


chinchilla cartoon Sapphire


chinchilla cartoonViolet