Choosing a Chinchilla

This is, quite possibly, the most important step in make sure your new pet is exactly how your imagined. I would strongly adivse againt buying from a pet store, for many reasons. To make my first point, read The History Behind Monty's Place. For my second point, please read Softie's Story (right).


Seth chinchilla (thanks Donna B) looking very cute

If that doesn't convince you, another good reason to go to a breeder is that they can offer you a greater variety of colors. Breeders will also know the exact age of the chinchilla (because they bred it) and should be able to provide you with a genology chart. Since many breeders also compete in chinchilla shows, their kits are usually of high quality.

A good age to get a chinchilla at is 3 months old because they are the easiest to bond with and train when they are young. A healthy chinchilla kit will be alert and active and should not be afraid of humans.

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