Bonding With Your Chinchilla





Chinchillas can be a lot of fun but it takes time and patience to gain their trust. When your bring your new buddy home, keep in mind how stressful a change of environment can be - especially for a baby chinchilla.


Kirby playing with his owner

Chichillas frighten very easily and they do remember who made them afraid. It's best to allow your chinchilla several days, if necessary, to adapt to the new environment. However, some chinchillas are very friendly by nature and will pop out to you on the first day. This is where selecting a chinchilla comes into play. A few words of advice - -go to a PRIVATE BREEDER.

Once your chinchilla is comfortable in its new home try giving it some treats like cheerios, shredded wheat, oats, rosehips or 1/4 of a craisin. Eventually, your chinchilla will learn that you're a good person after all - and then the fun will begin.

Chinchillas love to be scratched. They might resist at first, but once they realize how good it feels they will be showing where to scratch next. Each chinchilla has a preference of where they want it but some good places to start are behind the ears and the back of the head. As your chinchilla gets more comfortable with your touch, you could also try under the chin, around the neck and collar bone, and even on some parts of their face!

Demonstration video coming soon!!

It's also a good idea to hold your chinchilla as much as possible when it's a baby. I swear that Newie likes it when I carry him around with me. The more attention you give your chinchilla as a kit, the friendlier it will be as an adult.

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